Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holiday Depression Monster


Migraineur said...

I'm hoping it's a new critter, but I think this was a doodle from a previous year? Hope you're hanging in there, I'm just trying to survive work and life with the chronic, unending migraine.

Have they figured out anything for you? Or gotten you some meds that can help? Is this a reaction to something you're already on? Trying to help you find some help, I know you've been miserable.

Hang in there! [BIG HUG]

Migraine Chick said...

It is a doodle from a previous year. I was thinking posting some flash back Christmas doodles might be fun. Right now they are calling it a cognitive disorder, but they are perplexed as to why. They've given me some Zoloft, but it doesn't seem to be helping so far. I hate that chronic unending migraine thing...unwanted houseguest in your head! sending hugs!