Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I am Imperfect


migraineur said...

We're all imperfect.

So, finally got them to call to schedule the sleep study. They're short a technologist, so it's in August. :(

Sleep doc prescribed a daytime alertness pill, because I'm having issues, I mean look, here I am, posting at nearly 2 am. Took the pill this morning and at noon...then slept from 1-4 pm /sigh/

I will say this; the last time I needed any of the migraine triptans, was the day that I got the daith! So one happy, in the middle of all the crap. Plus, I picked out a gorgeous blue opal for my stone. I'll email you a photo.

Basically, it's ok to have a crappy day/week/month/year- but don't pick on yourself, life throws enough on us, don't weigh yourself down with stuff you've let your mind create.

Migraine Chick said...

That is so long to get your sleep study...I hate how long these things take! Your blue opal sounds lovely! and thank you for the advice for about not picking on myself!