Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I am a mess!

I actually got to see my neurologist yesterday. I've developed a tremor in my right hand, which the docs seem to think was brought on by an anti-depressant, so I got a quick referral to the neurologist. He said for now it's a tremor of unknown origin and I have to get a MRI. Also, I got to talk to him about my migraines. He is referring me to the headache pain clinic within the hospital, and he wants me to try Lyrica. I haven't had any luck with anti-consultants so far, so I'm not holding up much hope that this will work. But I figure it's worth a try.

Plus, my GI had mentioned the same drug for my gastroparesis pain. I had a CAT scan for my gastroparesis, and that got me another endoscopy appointment in a few weeks, cause he saw something he wants to check out with my pancreas. My GP pain is getting unmanageable and beyond awful. And I'm still losing weight. A lot of days I simply don't even want to eat.

I feel like I'm right back where I was at last year when this pancreas stuff started with all these tests and referrals, etc...Of course, my performance at work is slipping too, so I've got all that added stress as well.