Thursday, February 11, 2016

Choose Hope

I'm really trying to encourage myself to be hopeful right now, but it is so hard. My GP is just getting worse and none of the medications so far are helping. I'm just playing wheel of fortune with drugs with my GI doctors and the options to treat GP are so limited. My migraines just rage on without any help and I've given up trying to use my cpap mask cause the pain in my stomach is so distracting at bedtime.


migraineur said...

I'm so sorry you're struggling so. Have you tried the one med from overseas yet? I knew it's helped the friend a bunch, however she's on a liquid diet, it's the only thing that's keeping her on an even keel.

I'm not going to be a lot odds sympathy right now, I got back to work half day, and promptly caught the viral infection, head and sinuses are so stuffy.

Migraine Chick said...

I have been trying the domperidone from Canada. It gives me really bad stomach cramps every time I take it, so it's been a struggle. I hope I get more used to it soon. So sorry to hear that you caught a viral infection. Those are tough. I hope it leaves soon!

migraineur said...

How are you hanging in there? I feel like I should just give you an email address, so we could just talk. My sinus infection is better, but I could write for pages on the new fun junk. I'm getting through it, just crabby right now.

Take care!

migraineur said...

You should have an email now, lemme know if you don't. Take care!