Friday, December 11, 2015

This time last year...

I can't believe it was this time last year that I was having the surgery for my deviated septum for my sleep apnea and migraines. I had such high hopes for the surgery and how it was going to help. All I wanted to do was get the surgery over with and get my sleep apnea under control. Then everything went to shit in April with the pancreatitis and the gastroparesis.

I still never had my follow up sleep study. I still take off my mask during the night and frequently I can't get to sleep with it on cause my stomach hurts so bad. I haven't had the opportunity to see my migraine doctor. Everything has been steam rolled by my stomach problems, which are only getting worse with the pain, not eating and the weight loss. I can't even begin to explain the epic exhaustion that I've been experiencing. I'm caught in that "try this medication...have this side lets try something else" loop with the docs.

Plus that horrible holiday blues depression is upon me. It comes every year and it just gets worse.


migraineur said...

Hugs! It's hard enough to survive the holidays, throw a couple of chronic pain conditions and we've got the perfect recipe for Christmastime in Hell

Alex Neil said...

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