Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Migraines and The Holidays

I took this photo in an antique store. I love those vintage ornaments. My migraines have been going crazy right now. I think because of the holiday depression and the weather has been unusually warm with lots of rain.


migraineur said...

We had a front slam through here yesterday, our barometric pressure just kept climbing all fay. I eventually caved, took an imitrex shot and a nap. Still hurting, but that's nothing new,just the migraines I'm learning to live with.

As for the other fun, I'm not managing to drop my oxygen needs, so IDK what the pulmonary doc will say on Monday. I'm struggling with sleep again, but that's partly from going off the pill (most likely cause of clots) and partly from a lack of a schedule. I really wish I could get on top of the muscle pain...I'm on a butran patch, immediate and ER nucynta, baclofen and Tylenol. I'm waiting to be referred to a pain management doc.

i just keep reminding myself, this could have killed me, be grateful and try to enjoy things mire.

Migraine Chick said...

The weather changing here, too, has really done in my head. I wish I could get on top of my pain also, but it is a beast. I need to do what you said "be grateful and try to enjoy things" what I can. Hugs for the Holidays!!!