Monday, December 7, 2015

Migraine Holiday Head

I saw this little angel Christmas decoration at an antique store and her hair looked like exactly how I feel during the holidays with my migraines. So I took her photo and I used Font Candy to make this.


migraineur said...

That is a perfect migraine hairstyle!

So I had a very interesting November...11/20 My father is inpatient at the hospital locally, he's got blood clots in his lungs and right leg. He was home the Monday before Thanksgiving and doing well.

I hadn't been feeling the best, a nagging cough, and I felt like my asthma was really acting up. Monday 11/30 I wake up with a bad head, and pushed myself into preparing for work. After going downstairs, to get myself out the door, I have to take off running for the toilet, and get violently ill. I call into work, and feel round 2 starting, so I head back to the bathroom.

We (hubby and I) think I passed out while in the bathroom. I finally (nearly an hour later) stagger out to the kitchen and was kinda talking to hubby. I made some really weird noises, and stop responding, so he looks over, and I'm passed out again. He gets me on the floor and calls 911.

The ambulance and fire truck come and they check me over. My oxygen sats were horrible, so they put me on oxygen, and my heart rate was really really high. They and DH want me to go to the hospital, and I'm not arguing. They offered to let hubby drive me in, and were going to walk me out to the car. After standing up I get violently nauseous and dizzy, and end up sitting on the floor, dry heaving. They start a tiny IV and give me zofran. Then I got to ride in an ambulance.

I get to the hospital, and they rule out the obvious (pregnant or diabetic), so they start running tests. The end up discovering I'm my father's daughter, as I have clots in all my lung lobes and my right leg. I get the little filter implanted so that if I develop any more clots, they can't go to my lungs.

I ended up staying inpatient from Monday to Friday, and I got to go home on oxygen, as I wasn't good without it. All in all, I'm counting my blessings; I could have so easily died. Hubby had been traveling a lot for his last job, and if he hadn't bee there to see me pass out, I could have died on my kitchen floor. I could have been on my way to work and possibly killed someone when I fainted.

So I'm now on a blood thinner, and they took me off my birth control pill (a very common cause of blood clots in women). My only worry is related to my teenage, non-birth control, period problems and menstrual migraines, which I'm gonna have to learn to live with.

Anyways, I'm hoping the rest of the year will be less eventful. Hang in there yourself!

Migraine Chick said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I'm so glad your hubby was there to help.Hopefully the blood thinner and the little filter will help with the clots! That sounds like such a stressful experience! Sending hugs and hopefully the rest of the year will not be having any more events like that one!