Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Gastroparesis Blog

I decided to start a new blog for my tummy troubles. I'm feeling that same sort of frustration with this new chronic condition that I felt when I started this migraine blog. Basically, I need somewhere to vent, learn and explore how this is impacting my life. So I'm going to post about my migraines here and I'm going to post about my tummy there...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back to Start Again

I'm still at square one with the medication for the gastroparesis. I was supposed to take the Nortriptyline for two weeks and then call the doc to have him increase the dose, which I did. That's when one of his nurses figured out that there was a drug interaction between the Nortriptyline and something else I'm taking, so he had me stop taking the N. Now I'm waiting to hear what he wants to try next.

Meanwhile, I'm dealing with this epic exhaustion that I can't begin to get a handle on. I don't know if it's coming from the tummy stuff or the combination of migraine, sleep apena and the gp. The tummy pain is awful, especially as the day carries on. All my tricks for dealing with my migraines have gone out the window cause they conflict with the gp, so then my migraines feel worse cause I'm not distracting them.

Monday, October 5, 2015

This is so depressing....

I had my follow up appointment with my Gastro Doc. He said he feels that the pancreatitis may have called the gastroparesis, and he has seen this happen before in a few patients. My endoscopy came back normal as well as the biopsies. I do have GERD and Esophatitis. He wants me to take Prilosec for that.

For the gastroparesis, he is prescribing Nortriptyline and diet modification. I had tried Elavil before for my migraines, which gave me bad side effects, so he is starting me out on 10 mg for a couple weeks to see how I do. If this doesn't help, he is going to try Domperidone. That is the one that you have to order from another country.

The diet modification is basically a low fat/low residue type diet, which is going to be tricky cause I'm a vegetarian and I can't tolerate dairy right now. Plus, I'm still losing weight cause I can only take a few bites of food, and then I feel full.

My other problem is the exhaustion. I still haven't been able to use my CPAP cause of the abdominal pain. It's really hard to wear the mask when your stomach is hurting so bad and you're trying get to sleep. I can feel the years being ticked off my life with the double whammy of sleep apnea and gastroparesis.