Sunday, September 20, 2015

Scoping Things Out

I had my endoscopy last Tuesday. The procedure was three hours late, which didn't help my nerves at all, but the actual procedure went fine. The doctor didn't find any obstructions, and he took four biopsies. I should know the results on those in two to four weeks.

He mentioned some possible drugs for the gastroparesis. One is called Reglan, which has horrible side effects, and the other one has to be ordered from out of the country. He said he could write a script for that one. I have a follow up appointment with him in two weeks where we will discuss all this. He said he is still trying to determine where the delayed gastric emptying in coming from. He's not sure if the pancreas is still involved.

I told him that my symptoms are getting far worse. The pain and cramping is so painful and I can only take a few bits of food before I feel completely stuffed. I have never experience this level of exhaustion in my life, and I already have exhaustion from the sleep apnea. My team leader at work said I'm still on a critical level of warning, so my job could be gone any day now.


migraineur said...

Working on getting the details for you from my friend, I'll pass those on asap. As for Reglan, I've never taken it, but my MIL was (chemo nausea and constipation) for her it was wonderful. We have no clue if the side effects were an issue, as there were so many other meds to place the blame amongst.

So glad there wasn't anything visibly wrong, combined with the typical half hope that there was, just so it could be fixed. With the pancreas, has he tried a glucose tolerance test? That's the one where they draw blood, have you drink a really sugary drink, and then take blood in the next couple of hours. It would help pin point if the pancreas is the issue.

Anyways, I'm gonna try for another nap before work in the morning, so night! I'll pass on the info once I've got it

migraineur said... this is where she found the best price. She says it's life changing, and I know she's able to handle solids, which she'd been off of for months

Migraine Chick said...

Thank you so much for the info! It will help a lot. So glad to hear that she's able to handle solids now.

migraineur said...

So, I've been caught in a bad spell...i have had a 2 week migraine I can't kick, so I agreed to the prednisone taper. Every time I take prednisone I warn my hubby it's gonna make me eat, and twitch and not sleep, and every single time, he ignores this warning and acts like HE'S having PMS (sorry, just upset and needed an 'ear').Today is day 8, and the last day of the taper (Hallelujah!!), and last night I actually fell asleep before 2 am. Yes, it was on the couch, but I didn't care, I'd had about 12 hours of sleep in the last 4 days. He woke me up, to send me to bed, and said he'd feed and give our diabetic cat his insulin, so I crashed. With prednisone being the bitch it is, I wake up at 3 am, and the cat's bowl is empty and the cat's having trouble with coordination. I think my darling hubby forgot to FEED the cat when he gave him insulin. Thankfully some food got the cat back to normal, but I'm fighting to not 'roid rage on my husband.

I did send a stern, trying not to be bitchy email about the medical effects and how much food the cat needed, but considering the guilt trip I got/still get over the cat becoming diabetic while he was out of town on business, the 'roid rage-y woman wants to give it back, with interest. Plus, I've got the migraine again/still (it went away for about 24 hours on the second day of the taper), so I feel like I took the steroids for nearly nothing.

I know it'll level out again, but I'm so tired of never feeling well, and right now, my husband, who's had nothing but support from me over his migraines, stomach issues and celiac's-plus all the crap I'm dealing with still from his psych crap over his mother's death (cancer), is making me feel like 'in better or in worse', only matters when it's HIS worse. I'm living with his father, he's been here a year in 2 weeks...the man is a pig, and cannot manage his own money, so we're never going to get rid of him, unless I can manage to piss off and toss out both of them.....hmmmmm, so tempting right now.

I just feel stuck, and cranky, and I'm tired enough of hurting that I'm OK with death right now, as long as it'll stop the migraine. Not suicidal, but wouldn't care if I stood up and dropped dead.

Insurance approved the botox, so now I need to light a fire underneath the doctor's 'cause something's gotta give. Sorry, I just had to dump some of this off my heart, and I knew you could see it for the steroids and pain, and not as an attack, which gives you more maturity than I'm giving my husband right now.

thanks for the 'ear'

Migraine Chick said...

I totally understand that "stuck" feeling when there is so much stuff coming at you and you just can't fix it. Sometimes there is no where to put all this pain and exhaustion and being tired of just hurting. Plus your husband and your kitty are not feeling great either. That has to be so much to cope with on top of what you are feeling yourself. Sending big hugs!!!