Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August Update

I'm still trying to hang in there, but I've been so depressed that I didn't want to post another "poor me" whine fest. I had the gastric emptying study where I had to eat radioactive eggs to see how the food progressed through my system. I'm still waiting for the results. And my next endoscopy isn't until the middle of September. All my symptoms are still the same with the pain and cramping in my abdomen and I'm continuing to lose weight.

Meanwhile, I'm on a final 30 day written warning at work and I'm pretty sure I will be terminated next week. I did exhaust my fmla time, so now I have to work even when I have a major migraine pain flair up. I've been trying to improve my performance at work, but I can't make enough of a difference because of all my health issues. Yesterday, I had an awful migraine, so I was making all sorts of mistakes. Talk about crash and burning!


migraineur said...

Thank you for posting so I know you're alright. Sorry you've exhausted your FMLA, I've been there, sadly what helped me most was stopping all the new preventative the Neuro had me on. They'd medicated me until I couldn't function.

I'm hanging in there until the end of the month, botox eval then. Next week work is having mandatory meetings about the new attendance policy, this worried me.

Migraine Chick said...

Did you hear anything more about the mandatory meetings about the attendance policy at your work? Let me know about the botox eval!

migraineur said...

IMHO, the new policy is going to be an improvement. The old pattern was on your 5th call in within 6 months, you got a written warning, a final written warning at 6, and terminated at 7.

The new policy is on your 3rd call in within 3 months, you're warned, final warning at 4 and terminated. There were so many people who were on a warning (which keeps you from promotion) that they had to change things.

The only downside is on the old policy, if you were sick for more than a single day, but no more than 5, it was counted as a single event. Unless your manager finagles things, on the new system it will count as however many days your are gone. Obviously if it's a major illness and/or a rare event, they will finagle it, so that they don't lose a highly trained person because they caught the flu.

Monday is the neuro, I'll post again with whatever I find out. Are you hanging in there? How are things at your work?

migraineur said...

Sorry, noticed the error, the new policy has the termination after 5 days

Migraine Chick said...

hopefully, they will finagle the occurrences thing. It was that way with my fmla. if you missed a half hour of work cause of it, it was counted as one of your days. Let me know about the neuro!