Thursday, July 9, 2015

Waiting for news...

I saw the new gastro doc at the great big university hospital. He said he had to get all my records first and he wanted a bunch more blood work before he would let me know what they are going to do next. So I had everything faxed over there and more blood drawn. I'm still waiting for their phone call. I'm trying not to imagine what they are going to say. It's been officially three months since this whole thing started!


migraineur said...

Good luck with it all! I saw the doctor who shares the office with my usual doc (my doc was booked solid, and I couldn't take it anymore). He asked the usual questions, asked if I'd ever tried all the usual suggestions, then asked me to describe where the pain is worst. I mentioned my headband of pain, with the tightening sensation, and he asked if I'd ever thought of trying botox, I'm a poster child. So end of August I go back to the Neuro specifically for botox. Crossing my fingers.

Then he was amazing...he got me the usual toradol/phenegrine, and a half dozen trigger point injections (lidocaine and a steroid) to hold me over until the Neuro (hope that's all I'll need before then)

Figured I'd share my news, since we so regularly lean on one another through the tough times, good news is rarer

Migraine Chick said...

That is amazing news about your doc. He sounds like he is really looking out for you! Good luck with the botox! It's so nice to hear good news like this.