Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My New Malaise Continues

I'm still having the complications from pancreatitis, and I've had to cancel my sleep study appointment, which sets back my trying to help my sleep apnea and migraine problems. My doctor says my CT scan came back normal and I had an endoscopy procedure earlier in the week to look at my digestive tract. That came back normal as well. Now they are going to schedule an endoscopic ultrasound to see the pancreas better.

I'm not sure when you can classify something as another chronic problem, but this has been going on for over a month. And it's not just the pain, but the loss of appetite. I'm never hungry. I can stomach only a couple of foods. Plus there is this horrible malaise feeling, other digestive issues, and constant pain in my upper abdomen.


migraineur said...

I'm so sorry, with everything, my web presence has been nearly nothing, I'm too tired after staring at a screen all day. Have they gone any further with gallbladder thoughts? You sound a lot like I did when mine went out, except my foods were sprite, cheese and crackers. I ended up having an exploratory lap (tiny incisions) of my abdomen and was told that unless something else looked horrific, I'd wake up without a gallbladder, which is exactly what happened. It really helped with everything, and I have no regrets from removing it.

I know whatever happens, you're going to manage it, because I know you're strong enough to keep fighting. I know this is only words, but sometimes knowing there's somebody out there, helps even if they're just somebody you know through words on a screen

On the ADA front, things are co-workers now don't even really notice my indoor sunglasses, that's helping me manage the lighting and screen glare. I got put on the new chair STAT list (the chairs are old and they're replacing them slowly unless there's a physical reason to do it quicker), so I got one of the new chairs last week. My manager has even turned a blind eye to my heating pad (against policy since some idiot started a fire with an electric blanket previously-I promised I'd keep it on the down low, and my pad is the new ones that auto shut off after 30 mins.) I'm still working on getting moved to a convertible work station (one you can sit or stand at) They already have them in the office, but I wasn't given one, so it's been the biggest battle. I sent off the latest paperwork last Thurs, so I'm hoping something will gets changed soon.

Migraine Chick said...

The docs were talking gallbladder in the beginning, but then they moved onto complications from pancreatitis. Next week is my EUS. Hopefully, they will make a decision to do something soon after that test.

It sounds like you are making progress on the ADA front. Hopefully you will get the convertible work station soon!

I really appreciate all your support and kind words!!!

migraineur said...

I know how it helps to know there's somebody out there I said even if it's only words, they help.

I got my desk approved took dropping in that I can consult a lawyer, but it's approved. Note my boss just had to get it to swap my computer . I called HR on Tues, and they'd told me my claim had been closed. The the stupid lady hung up on me...that's when I exploded, abd sent out the message that all I need is approval to move to a different desk, they already there, and I have documentation from my doc that I need it.

The claim isn't final, and the lady hanging on me needs fired, as does all of HR, apparently. Twenty minutes later, I had approval. Now it's time for my boss to nut up and swap me and the guy who doesn't use the standing feature anyhow.

I don't know if it helped or hurt I forgot a teensy thing on that email...our documentation system requires all caps. Within the dept, it's just known that all caps isn't shouting. I sent the hr message in all caps . It did the job, so I really don't care much at this point.

Take care, and keep us in the loop. Have they sorted out your cpap yet?

Migraine Chick said...

Wow...I can't believe that lady hung up on you! That's awful. I hope your boss gets you desk swapped soon. I really wish getting help at work wasn't so hard for all of us!