Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Adventures in Sleep Apnea

So yesterday was my appointment at the clinic for my sleep apnea to see if they can get it under control to help my migraines. It was a very long day. First I saw The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery where they took some science fiction type x rays of my head and then I talked to the surgeon. There was some barbaric talk about breaking my upper and lower jaw and moving it forward, which would take like three months or more to heal and I wouldn't even look myself anymore.

After this appointment, I had a panic attack thinking about jaw breaking. Not to mention, this was a giant medical complex where I had to run around trying to find all these offices!

Then I saw a Sleep Physician to discuss my problems with the CPAP machine, etc. She discussed my whole history, my congestion problems and migraines.

My third appointment was with a ENT where they did the scope thing down the nose into the throat. They did squirt in some numbing solution, but it was still uncomfortable. This doctor said I had a deviated septum along with my palate being too narrow, etc...which gives me the severe sleep apnea. He could fix the septum thing which would give me more air in using my CPAP machine and there are a couple more invasive surgeries which could fix other things.

So after this long day of appointments, I finally escaped after four hours. All these clinic doctors having a meeting about you at the end of the day and they decide what they want to do, so I'm just waiting for the phone call. I'm really hoping it's just the deviated septum fix and not the other stuff which sounds truly nightmarish.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Migraine Monster

Here is another "ugh" monster for that dragged out sluggish feeling he likes to give you during a migraine.