Friday, August 22, 2014

Messy Migraine Mandala

Here is another messy migraine mandala. I thought about redrawing it in ink, but I like the energy coming off the pencil version. So I heard back from the sleep apnea clinic and they want to fix my deviated septum along with some other things in the nose region so I can use my mask more at night and thus help my migraines hopefully. If that doesn't work, they are talking about some more aggressive surgeries down the road, but I'm not doing the jaw breaking thing.

The bad thing is that since these are fancy doctors at a university hospital, they are only able to schedule my surgery for early December.


Nora M. said...

Hey. I stumbled across your blog. Your migraine drawings are beautiful-- just wanted to let you know. I have migraines too. I hope the Sleep Clinic Doctors can get you some relief. Cheers! - Nora

Sara said...

If you do decide to get the septoplasty (fix the septum), and have any questions that someone who's had it, feel free to ping me.

My surgery was for the chronic sinus infections, so they straightened my septum, but spent more time widening the passageways that allow for sinus drainage.

My father had the same surgery, but also did the uvula removal. He's said that he have the septum done, but regretted the uvula, as it didn't stop all his snoring, but it helped it.

PS, my past comments were made as migrainuer, but I'm using my gmail so you can PM me via e-mail.

Migraine Chick said...

Thank you so much for your support Nora and Sara! I really appreciate your comments!