Thursday, June 5, 2014

Little Migraine Zendalas

Here are some more little migraine zendalas that I drew for pain flair up stress relief.

I'm still struggling with the whole cpap machine/allergy thing, where I don't keep my mask on all night because of the sinus congestion and thus the migraines continue. I've tried a couple different nasal sprays which had horrible side effects. Coming up next is a visit to a new ENT doctor who specializes in sleep apnea patients. Hopefully, he will have some new ideas!


stacy dalton said...

Have you looked into candida treatments? I suffered from migraines my whole life (the first one I remember having was when I was I'm 42 and I've been migraine-free since I started a detox and probiotics system. I also started a blood sugar regulator supplement: I believe that that is another huge part of the relief.

So - two things: probiotics and blood sugar! Please look into it.

Cynthia Bowers said...

I have been through the same pain you have. I found that keeping a food diary was really helpful. Stress played a big role in making my migraines flared up but there were also certain foods that would make me have migraines for days on end. My mom had a similar problem for a decade but then it just stopped.

Cynthia Bowers @ Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center