Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Migraine Monster

I was drawing little migraine monsters yesterday and this little guy showed up. His name is "Pepe" and he likes to chew on the inside of your skull.


Brandon Krenzler said...

Help with migraine monsters is found in a plant. Cannabis Sativa, Indica or ruderalis. good luck and be well! Also look into clinical endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome, as bred into cb2 knockout mice born without a natural endocannabinoid system.

Rod said...

Hi migraine chick,

I felt the need to write you something (as fellow migraine victime) to give you a little bit of support and some hope!

I have migraines as well (pretty bad ones that used to last days... 4 to 6 days) and my life was completely and utterly miserable as I couldn't sleep, eat or rest while I was having the crisis.

Went through so many doctors and so many treatments that I even lost track of the number of different drugs I used. Medical staff was always recommending something stronger each time but eventually my body became resistant to the drug and the pain continued (at times worst) than before.

Almost a year ago, my girlfriend read on the web about migraines and magnesium... how some people has deficiency of it and how calcium blocks the absorption of it, translating into unbalanced neuro-transmission causing migraines.

A month later (and believe it wasn't going to work) I decided to take it (as I was at the very end of the heavy drugs: a mixture of rizatriptan and dexamethasone) and the results has been amazing!

Even though my migraines aren't gone entirely, went from having at least one a week (for two or three days) to two migraines in the last 8 months. At this moment I haven't had one in the last 3 months.

I invite you to do your own research. I was quite skeptical it was going to work and the only reason why I took it for a month was because of my girl. I am pretty happy I did.
I am going to be blogging about it (one post in my blog, I am writing it as I type this message) if you want to read a bit more of my experience.

Cheers and hopefully your little monster has the same phobia to magnesium as mine.

Migraine Chick said...

Thank you so much for your comments. I'm glad to hear the magnesium helped your migraines. I tried it before with little success, but maybe I should give it another go!

Rod said...

Hi chick, I had another one... not as bad as before though.

How long did you tried it and what type did you use? I read up before buying it (and give it a try) different types until I got one that works great. Three in eight months seems to me a good result.

I have to tell you, it wasn't the first one I tried the one that worked this good, I had to try at least four but motivated by that little success you described before.

In any case, I hope you find something that works. I am going to give you a follow (at least some support). Added your link to my blog as well :)

Toaster said...

There is a lot of support about magnesium for migraines (and many other conditions). I have taken it for years, but unfortunately, I still get migraines regularly. I think it's simply more helpful for some than others. (I still take magnesium anyway since it does have many health benefits.)