Monday, February 4, 2013

Working Virtual

So I've been working from home for the last three months since my employer turned my office into a virtual office. I think it has helped my migraines with the lack of flourescent lighting, the lack of noise, and no horrible smells to contend with. Also, I can control my own temperature and I'm eating better on my lunches.

It has been nice not having co-workers giving me dirty looks because I called in sick with a migraine the previous day or having a co-worker thinking that I'm sleeping on the job because I closed my eyes for a minute at my desk because of the pain in my head. I've been missing more partial days with pain flair ups than entire days so that's been helping my paycheck.

The only disadvantage is the cabin fever from being cooped up in the house all the time. I've been trying to avoid it with mental health trips to stores and restaurants before work and long walks around my neighborhood on my lunches. Still I miss the social aspect at work with the people I did like. Also, I thought this would reduce my migraines a lot more than it has.


Deana Varney said...

Everyone would agree to a virtual office, but that's only my personal perspective. Everyone wants to work on their own terms, right? I personally don't like working at home, sometimes, I tend to be so comfortable that I mostly sleep and not get enough work done, which is very unproductive. Besides that, of course, working at home would be awesome. You can work at your own terms and at your own turf!

Anonymous said...

How did you find an empathetic employer? I lose jobs left and right...