Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Migraine Action Art Exhibition.

"Artist Mike Jory is holding an online exhibition of paintings to raise funds for national migraine charity Migraine Action. Mike has suffered from chronic migraine for 20 years but finds painting constantly rewarding. ‘One of the great things about art is that you can do a painting in stages, so it is an activity which one can fit around migraine attacks’ says Mike. He continues ‘Migraine can make it difficult to progress in life, whether in one’s career or a hobby, but producing art regularly has provided me with a thread of stability over the years, each project brings with it something new to learn and the sense of accomplishment upon completing a painting is always a joy’. Mike exhibits in galleries across the South West of England, in major London galleries and his images which have appeared on television and in the national press are in private collections around the world. The artist’s work focuses predominantly on animal and landscape paintings but he also creates figure paintings, portraits, hidden image pictures, murals and cartoons. The exhibition includes original paintings, drawings and high quality giclee prints. In addition a wide range of merchandise is available to which the customer can add their own personal message making for truly unique gifts. With gift prices starting at a couple of pounds and the most expensive original paintings selling for £1500 there is something for everyone! A percentage of all purchases made through the exhibition website will be donated to Migraine Action, a charity which offers support and information to the one in seven people in the UK affected by migraine." Please read more at http://www.mikejory.co.uk/


Scriptor Senex said...

Thank you - how interesting to learn of a British artist and charity through an American blogger!

I think one of the reasons I like blogging (as well as art and crafts) is that they are things that one can do during the Good Times - irrespective of whether they occur at 2 a.m. or two days apart.

P.S. Welcome to my blog followers list - the 150th of them so I guess that makes you special!

sana mike said...

nice blog for migranine, i will agree with you
keep watch to know more about migraine

scott davidson said...

I went to a contemporary art fair in Shanghai recently, which was a real eye-opener. Chinese contemporary art has come leaps and bounds from the watery Zen landscapes to huge canvases of strange-looking beings. The prices being asked and paid were huge too.
Oriental, if not Chinese, my print of Jean-Léon Gérôme's painting, http://en.wahooart.com/A55A04/w.nsf/OPRA/BRUE-8BWS6R, bought some time ago from wahooart.com, is as lovely as ever.