Monday, January 23, 2012

The Frazzled Migraine

I sketched this girl Saturday morning when I was feeling really frazzled by my current migraine.


Lou said...


have you had your Vitamin D levels checked? This link may be of interest to you.

Lou x

Toaster said...

I drop in on your blog from time to time; I certainly find myself able to relate to all of your migraine "monsters" (and to this frazzled girl as well).

I'm curious--do you find that you get neck & shoulder pain/tightness with you migraines? There has been some research to suggest that this symptom can be related; my sister, who also gets migraines (actually, both of my sisters do), has the same issue.

Toaster said...

Oh, and thanks for this blog! :)

Dr. Andrew White said...

I was working on a patient last week who was in a car crash about 8 months ago. She said she rarely had migraines prior to the crash and now she is getting one 4 or 5 times a month. She reported that it is debilitating for those few peak days.

It really is unfortunate that migraines can popup in an otherwise healthy person.

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