Friday, September 2, 2011

New Migraine Monster

My latest migraine monster that I doodled during some depressing pain.


Sinus Symptoms said...

That's a good drawing even though your having a headache.

Lara said...

Adore your art; makes me laugh when I see it, even with a headache. ;D

2 things: I recently and accidentally discovered I was causing my own daily headaches by adding bottled lemon and lime juice to my iced tea and water. Preservatives are my enemy, but for over 2 years I didn't recognize this particular culprit. Citrus juice = healthy, right? Figured it out when I went to a water only diet for a few days to detox... added some lemon/lime from squeeze bottle to help with flavor, and BAM! there was the headache. I read labels more carefully now. Next, a daily supplement of Vitamin B12 has REALLY helped me. With those 2 changes, I now have 2 - 3 headaches per month, compared with 1 per day. :D We're all different, but had to share in hopes of helping someone recognize a trigger and eliminate it.


Maria said...

My mom has strong migraine attacks and it is really hard to find out what is causing them.

We believe it's connected with her stomach/digestion.

michelle said...

Hey girl!
I haven't been active at all in my blogging or blog hopping. I decided to stop by and see how you were doing. I LOVE this migraine monster btw, and she even has a bow. :)
I pray you are doing well and your head pain is at a low ebb, or gone! that would be the best.
soft hugs,

Kristen Wolfinbarger said...

Hi, came across your blog when searching for some migraine photos for my class. Have you heard of the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago? I used to have migraines almost everyday then I visited their clinic and I am down to maybe 3 to 4 a month. It was a wonderful place.