Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aura Doodles

I was working on some ink shading practice when I noticed how much these designs remind me of my migraine aura. They don't come in the circles, but the designs are quite similar.


Ali said...

How often do you have auras? I have not taken the time to read all of your posts yet, but what is your daily coping mechanism?
(I am new and just discovered your blog. It is really nice to know I am not alone. Not that I wish these on anyone though!)

Migraine Chick said...

I get auras quite frequently. My daily coping mechanism is to try to figure out what type of day my brain is having pain wise and go from there. It is nice to know other people are out there, going through the same things. (Not that I wish these on anyone though!)

Jen said...

Thanks for the illustrations. I was wondering if you had ever had any of the aura’s like they talked about in this article?
They mentioned Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland visuals. I have never had anything quite like that, but seeing your drawings I now am wondering about the possible severity that aura’s might manifest.