Thursday, May 27, 2010

Migraine Moods in Black And White

I've been playing around with black and white photography lately. I really like the line cutting across her and the sunglasses.


Myth said...

I love the picture! I am very into black and white photography... used to do it myself back in the day. My fav photographer by far is Ansel Adams.

I like how she is wearing those huge specs! Don't fear the light... yeah, right!

Max Evel said...

It is very cool.

Anonymous said...

This is a gorgeous-stunning photograph. It's absolutely beautiful. I love the glasses and that you can't see her eyes, that she has that checkered line on them-it reminds me of the mask we wear when we have a migraine and what's going on in our heads that people can't see. Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Hi, I feel sorry to hear about your never ending pain.

If you haven't tried these treatments yet, I think they are worth a try:
Prednisolone (for migraine)

Cetirizin or similar allergy medication (for nausea)

Peppermint oil gently applied to forehead and temples with a drop of water to make it seep into the skin more easily. This works wonders for me. It's short lasting, but effective while it lasts.

Migraine Chick said...

I like the idea of the mask thing, too.

Thank you so much for the recommendations of the peppermint oil!

durox said...

pls deactivate the character verification.. i've spent more time trying out words than writing comments.
i truly believe there is something wrong w/ it; i have 20/20 vision and i know the alphabet ;] ;] ;]


if you like playing w/ photography, black&white is a great area ;]
i got here from google images, and i need to take a few moments to drop you a comment 'cause your blog deserves it ;];]
back to white&black: compared to color photography, where if you alter the colors in a drastic way the imagine looks fake/unrealistic/wrong/etc, B&W offers you infinite possibilities to 'alter the colors'. they are called filters for obvious reasons, and you can filter the light's color and intensity as you wish: depending on your preferences or mood, you can make big changes on your photo in regards to shades and contrasts.. that's the beauty of B&W. she could have dark lips and super white skin or vice-verso, and still look real and nice. it's up to you to choose what colors become lighter or darker grays.
depending on the software you use to convert the pictures to b&w, try using different filters: start w/ the major colors red, blue, yellow, green filters. you get a different picture and different contrasts each time... then you can start playing w/ more details, there's no end to it.

wish you all the best, and don't give up no matter what. it might not seem much to you on some days, but your attitude can have a big impact on your 'virtual peers'. not everyone has the strength to go forward in rough times, and that's when we look for someone to lead the way..

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That's a lie, I've done this 8 times already ;]
**** this, I can't give up now.. I'm at #13th try

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