Monday, September 21, 2009

Migraine Marshmallow

Here is a cute character that I doodled by hand and then I colored him in with photoshop. His name is Melvin Marshmallow and his migraine hurts so bad that his head feels like it is on fire. My head frequently feels like this!


Alice said...

Ouuuuch. I get migraines too (a couple times a month, unfortunately) and it feels more like my head's in a vice being squeezed than a fire
At least a fire's quick
Adorable picture

Anthony said...

Melvin is very cute!
I can certainly relate, but today my head is feeling more like it's in a vice that is clamped down as hard as you could possibly crank it... Before actually popping, of course! :(

Jaymi said...

Oh Melvin!! I understand your you feel all gooey & mushy too? Too bad we can't 'eat' our migraines!!

chrissy said... it....:)

Migraine Chick said...

I would love to eat a migraine marshmallow s'more and make my migraines disappear!

Charmaine's Blog said...

The young gal I have working for me had, had migraines for over ten years. I noticed the first day that she never drank any water, all day long, nor the next or the next. Immediately I got her drinking at least 5-6 large glasses a day and it worked.

#1. Her head pain stopped in its tracks.
#2. The problem she had with her periods also went away. First time in over 10 years.

I work in the alternative field and also know a thyroid not fed will produce thee worst migraine EVER.

You can email me if you would like to hear more. I would be happy to offer help.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend's head feels like a marshmallow. What could be the cause of this? What should she do?