Saturday, September 19, 2009

Angela's Auras

The other day, I tried a new technique for altering a copy of a vintage photograph for my collages where you take a bleach pen and use it to lift the ink off the photograph. I thought these circles came out looking a lot like migraine aura.


Anthony said...

Migraine aura?
Is there really such a thing? I know that some days my head FEELS like the intense pain must be radiating out from it...

I like the old photo! And I'm curious to see some of your collage work.

Thanks for checking out my Circus and becoming a Follower! I hope that you saw the post about MY chronic headaches/migraines and what my doctor had me do. In fact, I think that I'll be doing an update post, soon.

Cheers! :)

swankylady said...

Oh my, my aura looks just like this only white. You know when a camera flash makes you see those spots of light everywhere? thats what I see right before I get one. I feel your pain, lady. :(