Monday, August 10, 2009

New Migraine Mascot

I've been still using doodling a lot lately for pain distraction from my migraines. I'm still doing zentangles, but I've been also trying to tackle drawing more in general. I really like the Kawaii characters out there, and I designed my own little migraine mascot Kawaii character. Her names is Migraineeko.

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sandra Corr said...

i just wanted to say hi and that i'm a chronic migraine sufferer. it sounds weird, but i thought i was the only one who suffered with migraines almost daily. many people i've spoken to have them often and have had them often, but not as often as i. i am sorry for you, but i have to say, glad to find out that i am not alone. i think i had chronic uniqueness in addition to chronic migraines:)