Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Miss Boo Boo Skull

I drew another migraine mascot. This one is Kawaii inspired and I'm calling her Miss Boo Boo Skull.


Alt - 30 said...

I LIKE BOOBOO SKULL.Reminds me of simplicity of The Phantom's skull ring drawing.
Migraine & related: My belief is that fl. light flicker causes sim. stress & distress, migraine sufferer or not.
is a place I would like to hear storys posted about that if you have any. Thank you.
Alt - 30.

Kelly's Ideas said...

Very cute boo boo skull - I used to suffer from bad sinus headaches - my entire day would awful - when I quit smoking 4 years ago - they stopped.. thank goodness - never had a migraine but I've heard they are very bad. I hope you find a cure for your.