Thursday, August 6, 2009

Migraine Haiku-The Story Continues

twenty-four more shots
botox crown of prickly thorns
everything hurts worse

blistering brain cells
they pop, sizzle and crackle
bacon fried migraine

I look at my words
they flatten like pancakes
and slide off the page

screaming burning pain
it lives right behind my eyes
making me crazy

my head exploded
brain bits splattered on the walls
such a drama queen

1 comment:

Jaymi said...

Love the last haiku in this list Migraine Chick! Some days I'm just about positive my brain will explode....what a mess that would be! :D Ha!

Hope that the last series of botox is helping...


PS I don't know if you did, or someone else did, but one of your pictures of 'Migraine Barbie' with the pill case on her lap was turned into a Flair button on great!