Monday, July 27, 2009

Words and Botox

I'm still having a problem with reading and writing. I look at the words in a book and I hope this doesn't sound insane, but the words seem to flatten out and they slide off the page. I haven't been writing much at all either, so instead I've been concentrating on collages, doodling and photography. Writing a migraine haiku seem like a huge accomplishment to me right now.

I feel bad that I haven't been writing long, flowing posts in my blog, but I figure that since my blog is supposed to be a documentation of the consequent craziness that has invaded my life with having a full time migraine, these new developments should be reflected here.

Also, I'm thinking about going for another round of Botox shots for migraine, with more injection sites and more units. I must be a sucker for punishment. My neurologist wants to rule out that I'm a non-responder before we try another treatment. He says that some people respond to the second round and not the first. If I don't respond this time, he will not continue the Botox and we will move on.


Club del Mal di Testa said...

Hope you'll respond and get better!

Debor said...

Best of luck. I am wondering if I should start trying things like Botox. My headache is now officially neverending. Well, official to me anyway.

I am very interested to hear if you find relief.

Anonymous said...

Good luck -- I hope you find some relief and help with the Botox. It's hard to be the 'test' subject with meds isn't it? Sorry to hear about your problems with if migraine doesn't rob you of enough right? It's such a yucky mess of pain and ick at times that is for sure. Hang in there Migraine Chick!