Friday, July 17, 2009

New Migraine Barbies

During the week, I took a couple days off work to go to Shipshewana, Indiana. There is a huge flea market there, along with a big antique auction, as well as an Amish Community.

My migraine monster pretty much was maintaining a medium level of pain until I actually went into the auction where there were several auction rings going on at the same time. Talk about pandemonium. The noise was deafening, sending my migraine brain into overdrive. Still, I stuck it out long enough to bid on some vintage photos which I won.

At the flea market, I found these Barbies for sale. I thought the three Barbies in the middle all looked like they were definately having a bad migraine day.


Jaymi said...

Just want to say how looking at your pictures and reading your funny thoughts truly helps me not feel alone in my own migraine struggle. Thank you Migraine Chick for taking the time you do to bring a smile to my face. :D


Migraine Chick said...

Thank you so much Jaymi!