Saturday, June 27, 2009

Migraine Haiku-The Sequel

who is this stranger
walking in my shoes each day
migraine for a crown

pain transforms my words
thin wisps of dark filaments
floating in my eyes

a toxic harpy
she tries to bite my head off
co-worker from hell

pain flutters its wings
its constant chirping so loud
a bird on the head

I lurch and stagger
pain brain sloshes in my head
zombie in training

migraines steal my words
and sends them to outer space
leaving me speechless


candymoma said...

MAN! That was amazing. I will pass along to my husband. You are a beautiful person and I THANK you for for posting all these things. I found your blog on and have passed along your blog to MAV-forum. HOpe that was okay.....I can take it back...for sure. God BLess!


Sasha said...

A friend forwarded me your page after I wrote a migraine haiku today. So I offer you mine. (Less eloquent, to be sure.):

Tylenol creeps in.
I am waiting on the couch.
Time to cab to work.

Migraine Chick said...

Great haiku, Sasha! Thank you for sharing it!