Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Review-A Brain Wider Than The Sky

I really liked how Andrew Levy used his book A Brain Wider Than The Sky to capture the struggles of living with migraine along with a historical journey of migraine treatments of the past. He also writes about artists and personalities throughout history who also had migraine such Virginia Wolf, Van Gogh, Freud, and even Elvis.

Living with chronic daily migraine, I was interested to learn about how migraine has influenced literature, music and even religion. I had no idea how migraine had permeated the realm of artists like Van Gogh and writers like Emily Dickinson, nor was I aware that the book “Alice in Wonderland” was about migraine symptoms experienced by the Louis Carroll.

On a personal note, Levy explores the effects migraines have on relationships, exposing the range of emotions one has to go through in trying to maintain a relationship with a loved one when you are in chronic pain.

This book really expanded my knowledge of migraines impact on the world, and it made me feel not so alone with living with this illness. It also gave me hope that there can be life and positive creativity even when you have migraines.


Bill Downey said...

I saw the comics and notes in Neurology Now. Thank you for the blog and connection to NHF.
I've suffered from migraine since I was about 12. Now it is daily all day. On a scale of 1 - 10 generally around a 6 but up to a 10 (yesterday and lost 4 hours from work).

Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing about this book! I am def gonna get it and read it. I sure have missed you since you left MySpace! So, I am catching up on your blog right now.