Sunday, May 24, 2009

Migraine Chick's Day Out

Yesterday, I made the mistake of thinking I was a "normal" girl and I ran around all day and boy did it catch up with me last night. First, I went shopping with a girlfriend in the morning. In the afternoon, I went to a Civil War Remembrance at Greenfield Village. It was very cool with all the tents, soldiers, campfires and women wearing long dresses with hoops, etc. In one tent, I found these hats, and I thought I sure wouldn't want to be wearing one of those during a migraine.

Then afterwards when I came home, I wanted to plant the little evergreen tree saplings that a green organization was handing out at the exit. I decided to plant it in the middle of my wild flower garden. It was then my migraine really caught up with me, and not to be gross, but I got sick in the middle of my wildflowers. Not a great moment.

Luckily, I missed my saplings and I was able to get them planted.


-Julie said...

Maybe you could line the inside of the hat with ice packs?

Sherry said...

I hate when I think I am a normal girl and my day ends up like this! Sure sucks being a migraine chick, but at least you had a fun day before it hit!