Monday, April 20, 2009

Migraine Chick Round Up

Here's a round up of some of things going on with me right now.

I finally spoke to my supervisor about the toxic co-worker. He said they maybe realigning the teams soon so she may be moving anyway. Apparently, he has gotten a few other complaints from other employees about her, so it's not just me having problems with her. I've been not engaging with her at all, but I have been listening to her talk with other people. I think she maybe the most negative person on the planet.

I've been using gingersnap cookies for migraine related nausea and it works for me, just like ginger ale. I found some organic ones at a health food store. They are made with real ginger and I've been keeping a few in a plastic bag in my purse. It helps when ginger ale isn't available.

I'm considering trying Botox for my migraines. After a lot of research on line, I have made an appointment with a new neurologist to discuss the procedure, the cost, etc...My new internal medicine doc was a bit of a dud, but I may try another one as a primary care doctor.


Anonymous said...

Hi Migraine Chick,

I was curious about your blog because I used to have daily tension headaches, punctuated by migraines every two weeks or so. Now I have the odd tension headache, and a monthly, for the most part manageable migraine. The treatment that did it for me was manual osteopathy. After six treatments I woke up tension headache free. Kept getting treated and migraine frequency and severity lessened, along with the IBS, PMS and a variety of aches and pains. That was 7 years ago.

Of course I'm biased as hell as I'm almost a manual osteopath myself. Now I treat people with migraines.

You may have already tried it, but just in case you haven't, I thought I'd share.

Best - Nougattycenter

Myth said...

I hate toxic co-workers. I work with a fine bunch of people, but last year we had a lady that totally dragged down our moral. She as negative and condesending. A fright. Thankfully she did transfer out and we all did happy dances. I almost left the company because of her... someone like me does not need a hostile work enviroment on top of everything else.

I did the whole botox thing... it was interesting. It is said to work 75% of the time, and od those 25% get no migraines for about three months. With those odds why not eh? I waffled on it because I did not like the idea of injecting that stuff into my head... but it is nothing.

-Julie said...

Let us know how the botox works out. I've been thinking about it myself.

Sue said...

The anaesthatist who did my trigger point therapy (which is still working - most of the time - after 8 months!) said that Botox will only work if it is injected into the correct trigger points, which is why it works for some and not others.

After all this time, I get the occasional headache, self-massage my typical trigger points (the right cheek and the front of my neck on the right side) and that does the job. If the headache persists, I'll see my physio, who does trigger point acupuncture.

Still, eight months later, I've never had the severity of pain that I lived with for three years. It's kind of amazing actually.

So I would say go for the Botox, but make sure the right person is injecting it and they know what they're doing.