Saturday, April 4, 2009

how stuff wants to come out of my brain.

I've been having the week from hell with PMS and over the top migraine pain so I haven't felt much like writing. My words escape me, but the visual part of my brain seems to be overstimulated. It makes me wonder sometimes what is going on in my noodle. Why have migraines rewired how stuff wants to come out of my brain. Is it the constant pain that dissolves the words and flashes images instead when I want to express myself.

Anyway, I'm so intrigued with the flickr photos in the Migraine Group. On one hand, I find them upsetting because so many people are suffering from migraines and on the other hand, I find it comforting because it makes me feel not so alone.

Also, I've been trying to think of other photos to take during a migraine to express it. The other morning, it was raining and my crocuses were closed up tight with rain drops on them, so I took some photos. For some reason, they reminded me of a migraine, that closed up feeling from the world when you are down and out. Does this make sense?


Penelope said...

They are beautiful and sad. I wish that I could identify with your photos. My headaches feel like someone took those little buds and stomped all over them.

saffron said...

Your crocus look so beautiful with the rain on them!

I'm so sorry about your struggles with the migraines. My friend has bad ones. About a year ago she cut out some things out of her diet, in a scientific way, and she's doing a lot better. Do you know about that list of foods? I know I was surprised that avocados was one of the possible triggers.

I wish you the best!!

sarah said...

I always get a really bad headache (possible migrane?) around my period. Nothing helps it :( I can totally sympathize
Beautiful photos BTW

Sylvie said...

The crocus image makes perfect sense. I belong to that Flickr group too, but I discovered your blog by doing a search on migraines.

Sarah, I get menstrual migraines, and many women like myself have a cycle that coincides with the full moon, which also seems to bring about a change in the barometric pressure. Big ouch.

Lorri said...

As a chronic pain sufferer - it sure makes sense to me. I'm always feeling like I'm struggling to keep up with everyone else - putting on a brave face when really I just want to curl up in a corner and cry - or die (sometimes)
I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and going through menopause!!! Great combos LOL, some days I get migraines (luckily not too often)
Hope you find relief soon.... has Dr suggested ENDEP?