Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Losing Time to Migraines

Lately, I feel like I've been losing a lot of time to migraines, so I tried to capture that feeling in this collage. Has anyone else been feeling like this?


Christy said...

I definitely felt like that yesterday, because it was supposed to be a fun day off from work but instead it was a lie in bed with a migraine day. And instead of 8 cents due it's 24 hours somebody somewhere owes me.

christina said...

ya, you bet. i feel like i am loosing my life. i can list about a hundred things i can't do or are afraid to do because of my stupid controling migraines. i am 33 and have nothing to show for it.

Penelope said...

I completely relate. My world is getting so much smaller. This last headache has really held on too long.

Sylvie said...

Oh goodness. We all deserve a break. I have had menstrual migraines for thirty years and feel so handicapped in so many ways. Making a living is such a struggle, because as you know it's hard to be consistent and make plans. I had an interior design job in San Francisco that normally should've taken four months to complete, but because of my migraine interruptions it has taken me eight months.
I sometimes think of how much I could have accomplished had it not been for my debilitating migraines. On the other hand, when I am feeling well I feel a surge of renewal that propels me in my work. But it's a vicious cycle of great highs and major lows.
Wishing you all soothing energy.