Monday, February 9, 2009

New Migraine Haiku!

I don't know why I keep writing migraine haiku, but they just keep popping in my head! I quite like the one with the gnomes. Which is your favorite??

Head hurts everyday
Broken record, sad, sad song
Getting on my nerves

Every time I scream
Inside my head, banshee loud
The world never quakes

Gnomes creep to my bed
With sticks and stones and toadstools
Bash me on the head

A day out in pain
Shield my eyes, the sun too bright
Don’t take my picture

Fighting back the tears
I don’t want to start to cry
Hate the migraine blues


Megan Oltman said...

Definitely, the gnomes one is a winner! Can't imagine the toadstools pack much oomph when they bash you, but certainly they would add insult to injury!

Andy said...

Watch out for the gnomes, those toadstools can be dangerous ;)

I don't do Haiku, but I do write poetry.


Jaymi said...

I feel a kinship with the first one today - sadly... I wish that I could change the record!

Thanks for your Haiku Migraine Chick! I enjoy them.