Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Migraines In The Attic-A Gothic Tale

Here is my latest collage. I found the picture of the sisters at an antique store, and I recently saw the movie "flowers in the attic." So I tried to come up with a story for the girls. There is a group on flickr that has artwork with stories that I really like.

Here is the story that I came up with so far.

"Grandmother always locked us in the attic whenever we got a migraine. She couldn't tolerate seeing anyone sick and she said the darkness might do us some good."


Mckay K said...

Hi Chick;
I love this creative collage as well as the story you created to accompany it.

Your blog makes me smile and I say so in my latest post.

deborah said...

yep, that works. see you in the attic, sister. the weathr is changing again

Debor said...

My bedroom is the attic of my house. It's my favorite room! Dark and quiet and I can be left alone to listen to the sound of the leaves rustling in the trees outside my dormer window.

Now if Grandma locked me in, that might be another story...