Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bed Skills

This isn’t what you think. The other morning, when I called sick into work, I was just thinking about all the skills that I have learned since being in bed so much with my migraines. I'm not sure that these are skills you can use in the average work place, but they sure come in handy when you're home sick!

Michigan Bed Sloth-I’m learning that I can be a creature who can lay motionless in bed at times for so long that moss could grow on my butt.

Making the bed-this one I’m a little ashamed about, but I hate the covers being messy, even when I’m bed, so I’ve learned to make the bed while I’m in it.

Cat and Mouse-I’ve learned to play several games with my cat while I’m in bed all day, such as fetch, etc…

In The Dark Speed Dialing-I’ve learned to speed dial my phone in the morning in the complete dark so I can call into sick to work without even looking at the buttons.

Do you have any Chronic Pain Bed Skills that you've learned???


Andy said...

I agree that the "In the Dark Speed Dialing" is very important. I've included my doctor's office and my wife. I turn the ringer off as well.

My best skill is not a bed skill, but rather, an in the dark skill. I can make it to the bathroom and back around to my side of the bed in total pitch black, without hitting what I don't want to hit, and without missing what I do want to hit. ;)

Sweet Pirate Betty said...

Hey there, only just discovered your blog (although I've followed your flickr for a while). I havn't had a chance to check it all out yet, but I'm very interested. I have suffered a few migraines, but am lucky that I don't get them often, the last one was 5 months ago and was the worst ever. (my mother is also a migraine sufferer)I can't imagine how aweful it must be to have them regularly. So big hugs! and I look forward to reading your blog! :)

Tallis said...

I have the speed dial trick down, and I also do the making the bed trick - I thought I was the only one that did that haha, my friend teases me about it

New one - I found this clock that puts the time up on the ceiling, it is dim so doesn't hurt that way and since it is on the ceiling I can turn the face of it away (or cover it with a book) since the face is too bright (it also doesn't make that stupid buzz-hum sound) :D

Anonymous said...

Migraines have given me a slightly different skill related to the bed: I have mad sleep skills.

When travelling, I can sleep from home to destination if I'm in migraine land. (bus, airport, airplane-I can sleep pretty much anywhere).

In a car, if we drive a distance I'm bound to fall asleep and I wake up precisely when we arrive in our driveway. I have no idea how that happens.

At home I can sleep with a dog and cat sleeping on me and yes, you do have to turn the telephone ringer off and the answering machine to 1 so you hear nothing.

At work I can sleep through my lunch hour and wake up precisely when the hour is up. I've done it so often I'm an expert.

Also, at work I can sleep sitting up and wake up when people approach my office. I've perfected the "cat nap".

I would trade these skills for my husband's excellent night-time sleep skills. He falls asleep easily and stays asleep.

Great topic!


-Julie said...

I've definitely memorized my remote control. I often have it on, although my eyes stay covered, so I can try to focus on listening to something, rather than just thinking about how much my head hurts.
My husband has to actually look and search for buttons on the remote-drives me crazy!

Migraine Chick said...

I've got the remote control memorized, too. I forgot to add it. That's a big time skill!!

Wish I had those awesome napping skills like Carolyn!

Anonymous said...
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PrincessSteph said...

some of the things that I have under control at night:

- control over the remote control in the pitch dark
- seemless walking to, retieval of and applying of an icepack in the pitch dark from my bed to the freezer and back again
- control of my e-mail, blackberry and phone in the pitch dark
- searching for, unlocking and taking meds for evil migraines
- plugging in and turning on heating pad

The list is truly endless. I like seeing other ideas that others have and tips. Thanks so much for doing this.

Princess Steph

Debor said...

I just make sure I have everything I need within reach. The cell is on my nightstand next to my glasses and glass of cold water. The laptop gets plugged in so when I wake up it will be charged and in the bed with me. I take my meds right before I crawl into bed, so by the time I need them again, I will have to get up and go to the bathroom anyway! LOL One of the cats usually takes his position at the foot of the bed, which actually makes me feel better somehow.

And if my blankets are all messed up, I can't get to sleep, with or without migraine.

Myth said...

That dark speed dialing is a good one. I cannot count the times I have had to call into work a miss dialed eight or so times... only to have to leave a incoherent, rambling message. Gotta love morning migraines... they can be brutal.