Monday, February 23, 2009

Art Museum Success

Over the weekend, I made another attempt with an art museum, which turned out pretty good. This time, I went with a friend to the Toledo Art Museum, and I didn’t have a big migraine flair up while I was there.

I think it is because it is a smaller museum. What are really nice are the smaller galleries, the mute lighting and the darker colored walls. Even the contemporary galleries didn’t send me for a loop. They didn’t have many of those big installation pieces.

A security guard chided me though. At the front desk, I asked if it was all right to take pictures. The staff told me I could take pictures with no flash, but in the contemporary galleries, the guard came after me for taking a picture. Apparently, there is some rule about copyright, and the notice is posted in tiny signs on the door jams. How are you supposed to notice those?

I stopped taking pictures, but I let my camera hang from my strap around my wrist as I pursued the rest of the galleries. It was making the guard so twitchy as he kept following me around. Finally, I just stuck my freaking camera in my purse so he would calm down, and he finally left me alone!

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mandingo said...

Wow. I just spent the day nursing one of these bastards (migraine, that is) and accidentally happened upon your blog.

As I surf the aftermath of the pain, nausea and fatigue, my thoughts are with you.

I hope I can come back and visit from time to time...