Thursday, January 22, 2009

Notes on a Migraine

Recently, I saw the movie Notes on a Scandal for the first time. I love Judi Dench. She is one of my favorite actors. After I saw the movie, I learned it was based on a book by Zoë Heller, and I was interested in reading it.

The last time, I went to search for a book from a movie was That Forsyte Woman, which ended badly. This time, I checked out the book at the library. I was pleased to see it wasn’t a huge English Literature tomb with tiny print. It was a normal sized book with normal sized print, so I checked it out.

After a week or so, I gave up trying to read it at page 68. I had to put the book down for two to three days in a row due to head pain and I couldn’t figure out where I was at in the story when I picked it back up. This shouldn’t have been a problem since I saw the movie, but it was still giving me concentration problems.

Ugh, I became so frustrated. Sigh.

Most days, I feel like someone has done a Freaky Friday on my brain, and I’m left with a tween brain that only wants to read trashy teen novels with huge print and all of my emotions are controlled by my rampaging hormones, but at least, I’m not plagued with zits!


Sharoni said...

I hate when I have to give up reading because of my head.. Sometimes I try to tough it out, and deny the pain, but that usually doesn't end up well. I thought about trying books on tape/cd, but for me it takes away some of the joy from reading.. and unless I can find someone who has the same voice that I do, I get distracted by the reader voice LOL Hope you feel better!

Debor said...

I find that when my migraine is in full force, even following a conversation is difficult, I don't think I could handle a book on tape any better than reading the actual print. LOL

Migraine Chick said...

I've tried the audio books, too, but it's not the same as reading, which is one of my favorite activities!

Jasmine said...

I can relate. And the added pressure of reading a book from the library within a certain time frame doesn't help ;)

Megan Oltman said...

Is it the small print? That can be hard for me too, and I have been looking for large print editions at the library sometimes! Can order them through inter-library.

Mckay K said...

I am an incessant reader. However, when my head starts hurting, I do not want to read or see anything. I want a dark room with no noise.

Kudos to you for even trying.