Monday, December 29, 2008

A New Migraine Mascot?

I was thinking about adding The Nail Figure, who I saw at the art museum, to my list of migraine mascots, but I'm not sure how well he applies. Apparently, he did serve as some sort of doctor because he was carved to capture the power of spirits who were necessary for healing and judging disputes. The large cowrie shell in his stomach held strong medicines which gave him power, and the nails were driven into him when an agreement was made to seal the oath.

The haunting part comes from the rumors that several security officers, who work the afternoon and midnight shift at the museum, have reported that when the lights are out, they have seen him performing a tribal dance.

I checked him out for a long while and I did get some heebeejeebee vibes off him, but he didn't move at all. My head didn't feel any better while I was near him either.

Do you think he makes a good migraine mascot?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Modern Art Migraines

I think I’ve narrowed down my migraine trigger problem at art museums. I went to The Detroit Institute of Arts to see a show called Monet to Dali: Modern Masters from the Cleveland Museum of Art. I really wanted to see this show because my favorite aunt, who has passed away, used to work at this museum as an editor for years, which means she saw many of these paintings and she probably edited the catalogs for them.

My head behaved during the exhibition, and I was feeling halfway human until I decided to go upstairs with my friend to try to track down this African Nail Figure sculpture, which is supposedly haunted. Well to get to the African American Art,(where we thought it was) we had to go through the modern and contemporary galleries, where my head starting popping off, and I realized something. It is not the paintings that bother me so much. It’s these huge modern and contemporary installation art/sculpture things that do it.

We ended up asking a security guard where the Nail Figure was located. Turned out it was downstairs in the African only section. I really needed a sit down at this point, so we had lunch in the cafeteria where some Mac-n-cheese and carrots helped me feel better.

Afterwards, we found the Nail Figure, a quite scary dude, and we stopped at another exhibition called Jane Hammond: Paper Work. In this gallery, I practically forgot my head was hurting me for twenty minutes because it included all sort of provoking mixed media like stamping and collage.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Migraine Barbie's Christmas Cookies

Migraine Barbie decided that buying store made Christmas Cookies was far less stressful than making her own!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Migraine Mascot

I was trying to find a good Christmas Migraine Mascot for this year, but I was having a heck of a problem. First, I tried to find some artwork of grumpy elves, but I couldn't find any. I didn't like the Scrooge ones, but then I found some reindeers with lights in their antlers, which to me represent an aura kind of thing and the lights flashing inside my head at times. What do you think?

Friday, December 19, 2008

I dream about migraines

I had a dream about migraines the other night, so I made this collage about dreaming about migraines. I tried to go for a vintage look. I found the antique photo of the girl at a flea market, and I felt a little bad about putting the migraine hat on her, but even pretty girls get migraines. The "M"s are typewriter keys.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Battling Holiday Depression

I know I've been nattering on about Holiday Depression for weeks, but the dreaded monster will not go away, just like my freaking migraines. Here is a list of things I've done and not done so far with the holidays. It's become a balancing act. Also, I've really been trying to do the "one day at a time" type thinking when I feel overwhelmed.

I put up a small fake tabletop Christmas Tree instead of a real one.

I did manage to get my Christmas cards addressed and mailed in a timely fashion.

I skipped the Christmas reception in the lobby of my work building thrown by the building's management company. It was after work and I was too knackered to deal with it.

I did all my holiday shopping online.

I'm deliberately not listening to Christmas music in my car.

I only brought potato chips to my work's Christmas potluck.

I'm still not sure about baking Christmas cookies this year.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Woes of a Migraine Bear

I was just reading about the lovely Nap products on Migraine Community, and I was totally agreeing that they are something a migraine chick cannot live without, when I decided to go to the Brookstone website to see if there were any new products.

I came across The Dream and Cuddle Bears. I've had a Dream Bear for a couple years and it has been my constant Migraine companion. I've still yet to come up with an original name for her. She is still just called "Migraine Bear." But the shocking thing was the contrast between my bear and the new ones. I've mangled this poor thing to death!!

Here is proof what a migraine chick can do to a poor teddy bear. I'm surprised she hasn't reported me for teddy bear cruelty.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kitty Christmas T-shirt

It wouldn't be the holidays if I didn't try to make my cat wear something festive. This year I bought him a small dog Christmas t-shirt from Target. The first time, I tried it on him was at night. He actually walked around in it for fifteen minutes before he collapsed in shame. Then the next morning when I wanted to take a picture of him wearing it, he acted like he was lame from the get go, like it was strangling him. He must have forgotten his performance the night before where he was walking around in it, so I knew he could move. This is the best shot I could get.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Laundry Detergent Migraine Cure??

I've been noticing that the longer I have migraines, the more bizarre things I dream up for possible migraine cures. This is my first attempt at a 4x6 collage.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Migraine Barbie VS Christmas Barbie

Migraine Barbie views Christmas Morning Target Barbie with some skepticism.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Christmas Haggis

Since I've been suffering from Pre-Holiday Dread, I've been a little bit of a Grinch and a Scrooge so far this Holiday Season, but a good friend of mine is tired of my grumbling. She said that even with my migraines I still need to celebrate Christmas on some level, and she said that if I don't cheer up she is going to buy a Haggis from a local Scottish Bakery and make me eat it for Christmas. Nothing against the Scottish people or Haggis Lovers, but a haggis to a vegetarian is a terrible threat. I can't even write the description here because it is making me nausous.

So I've been trying to drum up some Holiday Cheer. I actually bought myself this year's Christmas Barbie from Target and I put up my small fake Christmas Tree yesterday. I'm still not sure about baking cookies, etc...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do You Smell Something?

Since reading all the comments on my last post, I've realized that shopping in Bright Lights/Big Stores aren't the only culprits in ruining a Migraine Shopper's experience. Smells are a huge factor. I'm not sure if there is a nicer way to say it, but the trigger happy scent farms often send me running too.

Here is my list so far of stores that break the odor barriers.

Bed, Bath and Beyond
Bath and Body Works
Crabtree and Evelyn
Body Shop
Yankee Candle
The baby aisle in grocery stores-diapers and baby powder combo
Used Bookstores-the old musty books

Does anyone have anywhere else to add to the list??

Monday, December 1, 2008


I managed a full day of shopping on Saturday with a medium pain level migraine, but I figured it was easier to just get it all done in one shot. One thing I noticed was that Target was the least migraine friendly store. Maybe it's all the red and bulleyes and bright lights, but my head definately was pounding by the time I left. It reminded me a lot of the experience I had at the art museum with the modern art.

I didn't have the same reaction at Borders, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Petco, Dick's Sporting Goods or the mall. Has anyone else noticed this Target=Migraine effect??