Thursday, November 27, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

What Migraines Have Done

Feeling quite blue about the state of the union in my head. I really want to write more things like essays and articles and short stories, but migraines are making it nearly impossible, so I tried to convey what's happening in my head with this collage. The blond girl is me before migraines and the dark hair girl is me now. Look what has happened to the words.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Why My Head Hurts! Reason #113

Here is my latest Migraine Chick comic. I've been having a rough week with a hormone hell migraine and exasperated PHD.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Rise and Fall of The Migraine Diary

I would like to be able to say that I'm a good migraine diary keeper, that I write down every fluctuation of symptom and pain with precision, and I have managed to show some doctors my efforts, but as a rule I suck at keeping a migraine diary.

Recently, I was rummaging around my office and I came across a couple migraine diaries. As I flipped through them, I realized there seemed to be a trend. I would start out the diaries in an orderly, well documented fashion, but eventually everything dissolved into chaos. I would forget entries, become fed up with the repetition and basically becoming sick of hearing myself whine.

So I made this migraine diary collage to show my struggles in keeping an ongoing migraine diary.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pre-Holiday Dread and Migraines

I know this is going to come across like a Scrooge, but I think I have the worst case of PHD (Pre-Holiday Dread) that I’ve ever experienced. I know last year I was dreading the holidays because of my migraines (Christmas Klutz), but this year, I can’t even take looking at the Christmas stuff yet. There are neighbors on my street who already have their Christmas lights on! Even the sale flyers from the local drug stores are filled with stuff on sale for Christmas. Radio stations are playing 24 hours of holiday music and it isn’t even Turkey Day. A friend has already completed all her Christmas shopping!

I usually love the holidays, but just the thought of dealing with my migraines and family events, including the guilt of canceling or going with a bad flair up of pain and looking like a misery guts the whole time, makes me groan. Then there is the stress of Christmas shopping, getting a tree and decorating it, putting lights on the house and making cookies. It all seems too monumental.

Is anyone else feeling like this? Am I the only one afflicted with PHD??

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dog Music for Migraine Brains??

I posted a new Migraine Chick Comic on Stripgenerator called Why My Head Hurts #132. It's about my stressed out/desperate housewife mother maybe taking too much Valium when I was in the womb and that's maybe why I have migraines, when the lovely Dorota left me a link for this relaxation music. I love it. It's so relaxing. It made me feel instantly better. I could feel the tension draining away, but there is a catch.

It's relaxation music for dogs. Check it out The Dog Whisperer Band. My favorite song is Relax and Calm, followed by Toy Dog Relaxation.

I found the songs to download through I-Tunes and Amazon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stinky Coat Situation

I don't know if anyone remembers the girl with the massive hygiene problem at my work. She was the one who made me nauseous in a meeting because I had to sit beside her. Well since I've moved my desk across the room, I'm sharing a coat closet with her.

Plus, there is another issue with the closet. There is a middle aged hippy man who has a smelly situation, too. He smells like body odor, cigarettes and that Patchouli stuff. If I'm ever in the elevator with him, I have to hold my breath. He keeps his coat in the closet as well.

This may sound childish, but I really don't want my coat next to their coats in the closet. With my senstivity to smells due to my migraines, I want to avoid potential problems. I've tried to figure out if they keep their coats in the same spots, but I can't do it without obviously watching them (the coat closet is behind me.) I don't need hippy man thinking I have a crush on him.

So far, I've been stashing my coat under my desk. No one has noticed, but I'm waiting for a supervisor to say something, and I don't want to go through another big deal, like when I had to get permission to wear my visor due to the bright lights.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Distraction!

I've found something else that can distract a migraine girl from her pain. It's Daniel Craig, my major crush right now, and I'm so looking forward to the new Bond movie next weekend Quantum of Solace.

I know another migraine chick who has a crush on him as well, so I'm thinking that he should be made our official poster boy for migraine distraction.

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Migrainelupe Collage

I don't know why I keep returning to the image of Migrainelupe with my collages. I think it's because I so desperately need something out there to believe in, someone who is dedicated to praying for us migraine peeps.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Driven to Distraction

I was just reading a really good article on ChronicPainConnection. com about how Distraction is the most powerful pain reliever. The article is called The Most Powerful Pain Reliever Revealed.

Since I've been working on my collages, I've noticed how with the distraction theory works. While I'm slicing and dicing magazines, my pain does seem to back off. It's like this action occupies a different part of my brain. I'm not really thinking verbally, but more visually. I used to find surfing Flickr for photographs had the same effect, but when I stop, the pain comes thudding back.

The problem is that I cannot keep the distraction up all day and night. What about when I go to bed? As I'm trying to go to sleep, all I can focus on is the screaming inside my head.

I think Distraction is a good tool for trying to manage your pain, but I don't think it's the final solution.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Battle with the Squirrels

I've been trying hard to get some things done on my To-Do list, especially the items which seem to have been languishing forever. It seems like I can get everyday things done, like doing the dishes, feeding the cat, etc...but with my migraines, other tasks seem to take forever like doing battle with dust bunnies, etc...

My time was running out with getting some flower bulbs in the ground before the first hard frost. I had been meaning to buy bulbs and plant them for weeks, and finally I managed to get it done. I was so proud of myself!

Then the other morning, I noticed there were odd holes all over my little garden along with clumps of dirt. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on. The local squirrels had dug up my freakin bulbs and ate them. After all that agonising over my To-Do list, feeling guilty for not planting the bulbs sooner because of my migraines, and finally getting it done! I should have just left the bulbs on the side walk with a free dinner sign next to them.

First there was Migraine Squirrel Chuck causing chaos in my head and now this!