Monday, December 29, 2008

A New Migraine Mascot?

I was thinking about adding The Nail Figure, who I saw at the art museum, to my list of migraine mascots, but I'm not sure how well he applies. Apparently, he did serve as some sort of doctor because he was carved to capture the power of spirits who were necessary for healing and judging disputes. The large cowrie shell in his stomach held strong medicines which gave him power, and the nails were driven into him when an agreement was made to seal the oath.

The haunting part comes from the rumors that several security officers, who work the afternoon and midnight shift at the museum, have reported that when the lights are out, they have seen him performing a tribal dance.

I checked him out for a long while and I did get some heebeejeebee vibes off him, but he didn't move at all. My head didn't feel any better while I was near him either.

Do you think he makes a good migraine mascot?


baldsue said...

Without a nail sticking out his eye, I don't think he makes a good migraine mascot. Not enough nails in his head.

Sharoni said...

His face sure does look like he's in pain.. I think I can relate to the nail under his ears

Emily said...

I call him a good pain mascot -- he sure looks like he's in a lot of pain!

Anonymous said...

I was intrigued by the Nail Figure. Everything about him says pain; the eyes, the mouth, the nails. It reminded me about how I feel with a migraine: sheer pain. I googled the guy and found a side view; it shows gash marks on the side of his head, shooting down to his temple. Hmmmmm. Carolyn

beckiwithani said...

My personal mascot has always been an image, carried in my mind, of a head with a great big C-clamp tightening on it. *shudder.*