Saturday, December 27, 2008

Modern Art Migraines

I think I’ve narrowed down my migraine trigger problem at art museums. I went to The Detroit Institute of Arts to see a show called Monet to Dali: Modern Masters from the Cleveland Museum of Art. I really wanted to see this show because my favorite aunt, who has passed away, used to work at this museum as an editor for years, which means she saw many of these paintings and she probably edited the catalogs for them.

My head behaved during the exhibition, and I was feeling halfway human until I decided to go upstairs with my friend to try to track down this African Nail Figure sculpture, which is supposedly haunted. Well to get to the African American Art,(where we thought it was) we had to go through the modern and contemporary galleries, where my head starting popping off, and I realized something. It is not the paintings that bother me so much. It’s these huge modern and contemporary installation art/sculpture things that do it.

We ended up asking a security guard where the Nail Figure was located. Turned out it was downstairs in the African only section. I really needed a sit down at this point, so we had lunch in the cafeteria where some Mac-n-cheese and carrots helped me feel better.

Afterwards, we found the Nail Figure, a quite scary dude, and we stopped at another exhibition called Jane Hammond: Paper Work. In this gallery, I practically forgot my head was hurting me for twenty minutes because it included all sort of provoking mixed media like stamping and collage.

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Anonymous said...

I can understand why the Nail Figure could be haunted and Jane Hammond's work seems to be collage like, what fun! Thanks for sharing. Carolyn