Friday, December 19, 2008

I dream about migraines

I had a dream about migraines the other night, so I made this collage about dreaming about migraines. I tried to go for a vintage look. I found the antique photo of the girl at a flea market, and I felt a little bad about putting the migraine hat on her, but even pretty girls get migraines. The "M"s are typewriter keys.


beckiwithani said...

You know, my first thought is that the migraines were flying away from her head ... a nice visualization.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Second thought, upon seeing it, she may be pretty, but she definately does not look happy. Hell, with a migraine, who is. If you have a smile, it certainly is a faked smile, isn't it. Poor thing, she does look pretty unhappy. But the butterflies are fabulously pretty; they are fantastic! They are my favorite part. I love them. They are to die for!!! I can see them flying away. As if the pain is going away, away, away. It's brilliant. Carolyn

deborah said...

that's a great collage, I love it!