Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Christmas Haggis

Since I've been suffering from Pre-Holiday Dread, I've been a little bit of a Grinch and a Scrooge so far this Holiday Season, but a good friend of mine is tired of my grumbling. She said that even with my migraines I still need to celebrate Christmas on some level, and she said that if I don't cheer up she is going to buy a Haggis from a local Scottish Bakery and make me eat it for Christmas. Nothing against the Scottish people or Haggis Lovers, but a haggis to a vegetarian is a terrible threat. I can't even write the description here because it is making me nausous.

So I've been trying to drum up some Holiday Cheer. I actually bought myself this year's Christmas Barbie from Target and I put up my small fake Christmas Tree yesterday. I'm still not sure about baking cookies, etc...


Anonymous said...

Hi. If your friend does not have migraines or chronic pain then she has not "walked a mile in your shoes" and has crossed a line. She may mean well. Chronic pain takes a toll, a huge toll, and can cause us to feel overwhelmed. For me, in my flare up, working and house chores and family were about all I could manage. Anything on top of that was too much and stressful.

Additionally, holidays in general are stressful for most people. My mother, who did not have chronic pain, found them stressful. Alot of people don't like the holidays.

I think sympathy and empathy would be a better response. Maybe she could help you decorate. Offer to come in a decorate for you?

I think you've heard the "spoon theory". We have a limited amount of spoons.

Christmas began as the spirit of light. To remind people that light would return. That spring would come back. You could put in a green branch and be done with it.

You did buy a Christmas barbie from Target and you did go Christmas shopping in Target while have terrible migraine. You should be commended for that. You are not scrooge. You have participated in Christmas already.

I hope I haven't gone to far and I hope I haven't offended.

I am sharing how I feel. I have pressure too. To host, and with my migraines hosting is something I am very hesitant to do. But I've been pushed into it. I've been dreading it since November.

And getting the tree and decorating it today, on a migraine day, will require fortitude. I can do it. But it won't be easy.

Maybe this friend does have chronic illness who gave you this advice. But to me, it was pushy, and I hate being pushed. Caroloyn

Anonymous said...

Oooops, I've opened my mouth again and spewed again. I'm sorry.

Obviously your friend was trying to be nice and get you in a better mood. She was being kind.

I had missed the point.

I was the Scrooge here.

I'm sorry. I should think before I post. Carolyn

Myth said...

OOOh... the threat of Haggis. That would work on most sane people. I tried that recently and that is one digusting food.

deborah said...

my daughter just told me I've been mean. what a snot. lol. so I'm scrooging, too.