Friday, November 21, 2008

Why My Head Hurts! Reason #113

Here is my latest Migraine Chick comic. I've been having a rough week with a hormone hell migraine and exasperated PHD.


Anonymous said...

Dear MigraineChick,

You may have explained the reason for my nearly life-long migraines.

My mother was never a thorough housecleaner and I haven't been Martha Stewart either.

I moved out and adopted a shelter dog and an ex-racing greyhound,then a cat found us, and today live with three dogs and three cats. The dust bunnies in our house are enormous. It could explain why my migraines got worse as our "pack" grew.

You are onto something Big here. Squirrels and dust bunnies having a party in my head. I wonder, who else is in there? Carolyn

Myth said...

Oh, yeah, dust bunnies are a problem that should be addressed. Although sometimes I think maybe it is tumbleweeds, like in a western movie... where my brain is a vast desert of emptiness, just the whistle of the air from one ear to another and tumbleweeds blowing by.