Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Princess Who Lost Her Crown

I must not be much of a princess because I swallowed my temporary crown on my tooth. I was eating spaghetti for dinner Sunday night when I noticed something felt different in my mouth. My temporary crown had vanished and it was no where to be found. Thus, I deduced that I must have eaten it!

Now my poor ground down tooth was exposed and it was hurting! Luckily, I had some Anbesol for during the night, but when I woke up, I had a fresh bout of migraine-laria and a throbbing tooth. I called the dentist straight away and they were able to fit me in at 4:30 p.m. That meant I had to go to work, where I was completely useless.

After I initially swallowed my temporary crown, I considered making myself throw up. I throw up all the time with my migraines, but the one time, I needed to throw up, I couldn't do it! What type of migraine skill is that??

At the dentist, they had my new permanent crown, so they stuck that on. (I was supposed to go in Saturday for the crown delivery) This morning, my tooth is still pretty sore, but my new crown is looking pretty good. My dentist said my temporary crown is probably not lancing my internal organs, either.


Christy said...

The crazy adventures you have, Migraine Chick!

Anonymous said...

you should get an award for going through all of these hoops and being a trooper. Living with migraines is a challenge, dental problems is another. Put the two together and BAM. But you have handled the two with grace. I'm impressed. Grace is hard to come by under such circumstances. Carolyn

Emily said...

oh, you poor thing! that sounds just horrible. can't imagine a toothache on top of a migraine. :( hope that getting the new crown put on hasn't caused additional pain today!

Sterling Delorme said...

Migraine + Toothache = ??? Ouch! Good thing you can still bear it, though I know how painful that is. :[ You truly deserve a crown for that!