Saturday, October 25, 2008

Losing Your Grip-Collage

I made this collage to convey the sense of chaos that migraines bring to my life.


Anonymous said...

Dear Migraine Chick, I am so sorry your migraines are causing so much chaos. I can see guns in the background and considering your animal rights background I can imagine that they signal big problems from migraine pain. I hope that you can find soon, better migraine control and relief from the pain. Migraines do make life difficult, stressful. Carolyn

Anonymous said...

How did I not notice the donut? One of my favorite foods that I did not eat for months on that stupid gluten free diet that had nothing to do with my migraine spike. Nope, it was hormones. Evil menopause hormones. Now I can eat all the donuts I want. Thanks for the reminder!

PrincessSteph said...

oh sweety, I feel your pain. it just sucks. I'm so under the weather today that I was thinking about you. I can't even call in sickk. I wish that I could send you a hug and tell you it was going to make it better. Love the collage and hope that you are finding some solace in the fact that you are able to express yourself through things like this. Steph