Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Voodoo Dolls!

I found some good voodoo dolls to counteract the Guatemalan worry dolls which I believe are hanging out in my head with Migraine Squirrel Chuck and giving me migraines. It's getting crowded in there.

They are called Charm Voodoo Dolls, and they are handmade from one piece of string. They even have a health series, where I think I found the best doll for migraines. She is called Nalani The Hula Girl. Here is her blurb:

"WHAT NALANI CAN DO FOR YOU - I will help you find that relaxed place in your mind so you may have peace. My translated name is "calms of the sky" and I come from the beaches of Hawaii."


deborah said...

creepy - hopefully, she'll come undone and tie them all up.

Bimatoprost said...

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Come on everybody knows that Voodoo isn't real after all!